Barclays Football special with Ian Wright

Live event from 27 April 2020

Test your football and coding knowledge by creating a fun quiz. Introduced by Ian Wright, we look at how to use list variables to create a simple quiz game. Add your own questions and challenge your family and friends.

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How computers work

22 April 2020

Have you ever wondered how computers work? Take part in our first offline session to find out. Code or play along, to learn the basics about how to control computers by guiding your 'robot' through a maze.

Time wizard

15 April 2020

Power up your wizard to beat the clock and solve the maze. For this project we learn how to create power ups for our games. These can be a great way to make your games more fun by adding extra features and an element of chance.

Magic dinosaur

14 April 2020

Ask the magic dinosaur any question to get an answer. Code along as we start to look at how we use list variables in our projects. Using lists is a great way to help make your coding neater and easier to use.

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