Barclays Code Playground club

Last term's activities

Barclays Code Playground Club at your school

Our code club is designed to support you to run sessions for children aged 8-13 in your school, all for free. We already have a range of teachers resources that you can find here for planning coding lessons, but our code club is a little different. 

Our code club runs weekly during term time on a Tuesday at 3:30 GMT and on a Thursday at 4:00 GMT and is delivered by Barclays Digital Eagles, right into your classroom.

Alternatively you can run your own Barclays Code Playground club at a time to suit you using our code along resources.


Last term's activities

Last term our Barclays Code Playground code club focused on a variety of skills. We used the following projects, one each week and worked on the projects together. Don't forget to book your club onto our free online sessions for each week of term so that you never miss a session. However, if you choose to run your Barclays Code Playground club on a different day, the activities can be found below.

Week 1

VEXcode VR series part one: Introduction

Welcome to our special VEXcode VR series, let's get coding!

Week 2

VEXcode VR series part two: Sequencing

We're using sequencing to get our robot to complete challenges.

Week 3

VEXcode VR series part three: Drawing shapes

Shapes are a good way of understanding how we programme our robot to carry out instructions.

Week 4

VEXcode VR series part four: Iteration and selection

Iterations are all about efficiency, they're a way of looping a sequence to repeat an instruction.

Week 5

VEXcode VR series challenge: Coral reef cleanup

Now it's time to bring all your coding skills together to help clean up the coral reef.

Week 6

Micro:bit tools

As well as our usual coding fun, for the remainder of this term we’ll be introducing the micro:bit website, so we can hit the ground running in next term’s sessions, week commencing 28 February 2022.

Support for our code clubs

We’re always eager to hear feedback so we can make Barclays Code Playground an even better experience for anyone who joins. Any suggestions, comments, or questions, please let us know.