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This term's activities

Barclays Code Playground Club at your school

Our free code club is designed to support teachers in the delivery of sessions for children aged 8-13. Our code club runs weekly, during term time, on a Tuesday at 15:30 GMT and on a Thursday at 16:00 GMT. These sessions are hosted live, by Barclays Digital Eagles, right into your classroom.

Alternatively, you can run your own Barclays Code Playground club at a time that suits you and your lesson timetable, using our free tools and resources. 

This term's activities

This term our Barclays Code Playground code club will be exploring a variety of useful skills using the below projects. We’ve broken the sessions down into weeks for a clear and methodical progression through the coding curriculum. However, if you choose to run your Barclays Code Playground code club on a different day or a different time, the activities can be found below. 

Week 1

Week commencing 05 June 2023

Introduction to EduBlocks

Get to grips with the basics of Python. Our first project looks at loops and functions to create a colourful spiral. 

Week 2

Week commencing 12 June 2023

Drawing shapes with EduBlocks

Time to get creative. Using logic, definitions and block coding in Python, we’re helping our turtles create colourful shapes.

Week 3

Week commencing 19 June 2023

EduBlocks turtle race

The race is on. Project three looks at coding random movement and logic to our turtle race.

Week 4

Week commencing 26 June 2023

Rock, paper, scissors with EduBlocks

Feeling lucky? We’re coding the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game using variables, statements and logic.

Week 5

Week commencing 03 July 2023

EduBlocks make a quiz

What have you learnt about Python so far? For our final project we’re coding a multiple choice quiz.

Week 6

Week commencing 11 July 2023

Summer countdown timer

School’s out for Summer! Well, not quite yet, but in this HTML project you’ll be able to find out exactly how long is left until it is – right down to the very last second. Code along to create a HTML webpage with a built-in Java Script countdown timer. Find out how long is left until NO MORE SCHOOL (for six weeks anyway!). For this project you’ll need to access, then select ‘Editor’ and choose ‘HTML’ as your coding language. For this project you’ll need to access, then select ‘Editor’ and choose ‘HTML’ as your coding language.

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We’re always eager to hear feedback so we can make Barclays Code Playground an even better experience for anyone who joins. Any suggestions, comments, or questions, please let us know.