Barclays Code Playground challenges

All our Code Playground challenge videos in one place

Here you’ll find all of our exciting challenge videos. To help you master your coding skills, each challenge comes in two parts - The first video explains the challenge and the second provides a possible solution.

Level 1 challenges

Shark game challenge

This challenge is based on our first ever Code Playground project. Watch the video and see if you can make the shark move.

Dragon knight challenge

Help the knight to defeat the dragon in this coding challenge. Test your coding skills to see if you can solve the problem and add some extra features to the project.

Space battle challenge

Become a space explorer in this challenge, but you'll need to make some repairs to your ship as you go. Can you fix the rocket by solving the coding challenges? 

Dinosaur quiz challenge

Ever wanted to be the quizmaster? Well, now you can by completing this challenge and coding your own questions into the quiz.

Paddle pong challenge

Games are more fun when there's someone to play with. Can you complete the challenge to change the project into a two player game?

Bunny catch challenge

Help the bunny catch the eggs in the basket in this coding challenge. Can you fix the code to stop the eggs from breaking?

Buzz the buzzer challenge

Keep your character away from the walls of the maze to avoid the buzzer. We need your help to finish the project and create a high score table using your coding skills. Once completed, challenge your friends and family to see who is the best!

Zip frog challenge

We've got a hungry frog that needs feeding! In this coding challenge we'll show you how to use a cloning tool to create more flies for the frog to catch, and help us set up a function to end the game once a certain score is reached.

Level 2 challenges

Higher or lower challenge

We need your help to complete our game. Use your coding skills to teach the game how to understand our 'higher' or 'lower' commands so the game can end.

Pick a pair challenge

In this challenge we have a card game, and you'll be picking a card and trying to find it's pair in the deck.

Tower power challenge

Timing is everything. For this challenge we'll need you to time your clicks right to build our tower, but first we'll need your coding skills to make the game understand the rules.

Noughts and crosses challenge

Help us finish off our noughts and crosses game - we need you to add the code to let the game know who has won.


Batter up challenge

Let's knock this out of the park! Tap the space bar at the right time to hit the baseball. In this challenge we need you to first code our game to make this home-run score possible.

Cloud jumper challenge

Make your world fly past your unicorn sprite. Use your coding skills to swap the game mechanics, keep your unicorn in one spot while the clouds come towards it.

Line dodge challenge

We need your coding skills to add features to our line dodge game, such as a scoring system, lives for each player and a reset function to start a new game. We'll also look at polishing your skills to make your coding more efficient.

Series challenges

Series challenges are groups of closely related activities which, when completed together, provide the skills necessary to complete the final project.

Story challenge

By working through these five coding story challenges you will learn a range of skills to help you to tell an engaging story.

Any questions?

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