Story challenge series - Barclays Code Playground

A series of challenges to help develop your coding skills

By working through these five coding story challenges you will learn a range of skills to help you to tell an engaging story.  For this challenge you'll need to access the Scratch website at

Story challenge part one: Name in lights

For part one of our story challenge, we want to see your name in lights. Use your coding skills to use motion blocks and loops to animate your name, and even add some music! Let's get creative.

Story challenge part two: Look and feel

For part two of our story challenge, we'll explore coding the look and feel of your story, using the custom options to personalise your backdrop, character and audio.

Story challenge part three: Rock, paper, scissors

For part three of our story challenge, we'll look at controls, triggers, and test your coding skills with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Story challenge part four: Any old tune

For part four of our story challenge, we'll explore broadcast messages. Add music to your story and finish off your story project.

Story challenge part five: Final story

This is the final instalment of the story challenge, now it's time to show us what coding skills you've learned. Get imaginative and create your own story project.

Any questions?

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