Story challenge two: Look and feel - Barclays Code Playground

Level 1 challenge

For part two of our story challenge, we'll explore coding the look and feel of your story, using the custom options to personalise your backdrop, character and audio.  For this challenge you'll need to access the Scratch website at and search 'Look and feel challenge'.

The challenge

Watch this short video to find out your next challenge. Use the Scratch website to complete the challenge and if you get stuck, check out our solution video.

Solution video

Watch this video to see one of the ways you can complete the coding challenge. You can use it to compare against your solution and also get some helpful tips if you’re stuck. 

More challenges

Story challenge part three: Rock, paper, scissors

For part three of our story challenge, we'll look at controls, triggers, and test your coding skills with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Build a platform game

What will be the story for your game? Use variables to create gravity that allows your character to run across the platforms without falling through.

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