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Here’s the collection of all of our previous YouTube sessions, gathered together in one place. Perfect for finding your next project, catching up with any you missed or going back over your favourite. Watch at a time that suits you to level up your coding ability.

Safer Internet Day quiz

8 February 2022

For this project we’re creating a fun quiz using list variables, or ‘arrays’ to manage how questions are asked.

Whale escape

8 June 2021

We’re using code to raise awareness for our ocean’s whales, dolphins and porpoises, of which UK and European waters are home to a third of the world’s species. In partnership with ORCA, we’re coding with conservation in mind. We need you to use ‘selection’ and ‘conditions’ to help whales catch fish and avoid some man-made hazards.

Halloween hunt

29 October 2020

Here's our special halloween spook-tacular. In this project you'll need to code along to help the witch to her find the bat. This project is a great introduction to how we use conditional statements in Scratch.

Mouse and cheese

16 September 2020

Learn to code using Scratch in this Mouse and cheese edition. This new style has different challenges for different abilities. Pick your favourite challenge and get coding.

Watermelon drop

8 July 2020

Do you dare to drop a watermelon on the lion's head? Go back to basics in this simple project. It's a great way for anyone to get started or to test your skills.

Barclays big band

24 June 2020

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? In this session we use the music extension to code digital instruments. You can use them to compose your own songs, or to learn some of your favourites.

Build a platform game

10 June 2020

What will be the story for your platform game? Use variables to create gravity that allows your character to run across the platforms without falling through.

The board game

18 May 2020

What’s your favourite board game? In this session we bring traditional board games in to the coding world. Create our simple project or use it as a base to create your own version.

Caterpillar conga

6 May 2020

There's a caterpillar who likes to eat strawberries in this video. Another chance to learn how to use list variables and make your code neater and more powerful. Code along and help the caterpillar grow.

Catch the hedgehog

4 May 2020

How quick are your reactions? In this project we're using loops and conditional statements to test your reflexes. How many hedgehogs can you catch?

Barclays Football special with Ian Wright

27 April 2020

Test your football and coding knowledge by creating a fun quiz. Introduced by Ian Wright, we look at how to use list variables to create a simple quiz game. Add your own questions and challenge your family and friends.

How computers work

22 April 2020

Have you ever wondered how computers work? Take part in our first offline session to find out. Code or play along, to learn the basics about how to control computers by guiding your 'robot' through a maze.

Time wizard

15 April 2020

Power up your wizard to beat the clock and solve the maze. For this project we learn how to create power ups for our games. A great way to make your games more fun, by adding extra features and an element of chance.

Magic dinosaur

14 April 2020

Ask the magic dinosaur any question to get an answer. Code along as we start to look at how we use list variables in our projects. Using lists is a great way to help make your coding neater and easier to use.

Super scribbles

18 March 2020

Turn your scribbles into colourful patterns. In this project we start to use the pen extension and variables to create geometric shapes.

Snowball scramble

4 December 2019

Dodge the snowballs and get a chance to throw one back. In this session we explore how using clones in Scratch can make your projects more powerful.

Functional functions

18 September 2019

Can you help the cat to catch the mouse? We look at ways to make your coding more efficient by creating functions using custom blocks. These blocks help you to not repeat yourself when coding. This will make your projects easier to fix, or debug, if they go wrong. 

Making melodies

12 June 2019

Music was our first love, it can be yours too. Introduce music into your Scratch coding with this fun session. Code along to create a simple melody as well as learning how to create your own tunes

Bonjour little fish

20 March 2019

Hello, Hola, Ciao, Guten Tag and Shikamoo! This project helps to introduce extensions in Scratch by creating a simple language helper. Code along to create a fun project that will talk to you.

Building future skills

19 September 2018

This was our very first Code Playground Live video and we need you to help our character get in to the castle. Code along to create a simple game and start learning some of the basics of coding.

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