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Welcome to Code Playground's coding corner. Here you’ll find updates on our sessions and future activities, as well as testimonials and insights into the schools and organisations we’re working with to make coding fun and accessible to all.

Each month we’ll run through the great experiences we’ve had working with teachers and pupils across the country, and even some overseas, to deliver an engaging coding curriculum. We’ll also give you a forecast of what you can expect from our upcoming virtual sessions and Barclays Code Playground special events.

Get in touch if you have any Code Playground experiences or news from your school that you’d like us to shout about here


Begin your coding adventure, starting from 'Scratch'

Check out our fun activities, and discover what the Code Playground team have been creating this month for you and your children.

Cracking the code to a programming career

How Barclays’ Code Playground kicked off an exciting coding adventure, and future tech career, for one 12-year-old boy.

Big bands and Halloween hunts

The new school term is well underway. Find out what the Code Playground team have been up to and what they have coming up this month for you and your children.


Guest blog: Making a splash with Orca

The Digital Eagles teamed up with ORCA for a recent Code Playground project, find out more about what ORCA do, and how you can help in this guest blog.


How coding careers are more accessible than ever

We spoke to Caroline Clark to get an insight into her journey into games development and how other women and marginalised communities can follow suit.

Code Playground: From the beginning

Run by Barclays Digital Eagles, Code Playground helps children learn the basics of coding. Read a history of Code Playground, learn about what we do and how we are supporting the curriculum.

Guest blog: VEX Robotics

Barclays Code Playground and VEX Robotics have been working together to create some new coding lessons. Find out how robotics and coding is helping children's learning in this guest blog.


Cheshire College launch Virtual Primary and Secondary College for over 3,000 local pupils

Passionate about bringing coding to life in the classroom, Barclays Code Playground have been involved with Primary College for the past four years.

Code Playground in Hello magazine

Clare Francis, Director of Savings & Investments at Barclays, who is mum to six-year-old son Seb, shares her top tips on having fun with your kids at home whilst on a budget. 


“To be able to see my family is absolutely fabulous"

We hear how Barclays Digital Eagles are helping thousands of care home residents to stay connected with family and friends. An interview.


Code Playground on Steph's Packed Lunch

Code Playground is mentioned by Steph's Packed Lunch as a free way to entertain and educate your children at home and support the curriculum. 


Taking Code Playground ‘live’ for families in self-isolation

Digital Eagle and Head of Code Playground Kevin Garner shares how his team has stepped up its efforts to deliver educational content every weekday to keep families engaged and entertained.

Code Playground and National Coding Week 2019

Kevin Garner speaks to about what he does and how Code Playground supports national coding week each year.


In The World: instilling a “passion for programming” in children

Marci tells us how the initiative gives back to the community – and why it’s an “amazing feeling” to spark kids’ interest in technology.


Meet Kev Garner - National lead for Code Playground

Kevin Garner speaks to about what he does and how Code Playground supports national coding week each year.

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