Cracking code and breaking records

1 March 2022

The digital diary: March 2022

February was a record breaking month for Code Playground, with our special ‘Safer Internet Day’ themed sessions drawing in an audience of over 4,000 children across the two week period. On Safer Internet Day itself, Tuesday 8 February 2022, we also had our highest attendance for a single session, with just over 1,000 attendees joining in. In this session we created a fun quiz project which focussed on learning about list variables while raising awareness about staying safe online Thank you to everyone who joined us, not only did you make February a record breaking month, but you’ve also helped build awareness of Safer Internet Day in schools and homes across the country. 

Let's get coding!

In March, our online sessions will have a conservation theme. That’s right, we’re once again teaming up with our partners at ORCA, an organisation that focus on protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK and European waters.

In these sessions we’ll be covering conditional selection in coding. This process lets you set up parts of your code that will be triggered by a specific action, so if a certain thing happens, another bit of code will run. Basically, cause and effect.

Our conservation themed coding sessions will begin on 14 March, for a two-week period. Book your space here.

In the meantime

Tuesday 8 March is International Women’s Day, and we’d love to encourage more girls to explore the world of coding. A great place to start is through our Code Playground ‘Super Scribble’ video, hosted by Amy, one of our keen Digital Eagle coders. Boys are welcome too!

This video, available on our Code Playground Live library, will use the pen extension and variables to create fun geometric patterns.

We’d love to see some of the projects you create. You can share them through our social media channels, we’re on TwitterInstagramFacebook and LinkedIn - just search ‘Digital Eagles’.