Privacy policy

This policy relates to the privacy of your information at barclayscodeplayground.co.uk

General principles

We are committed to keeping your information private. By 'your information' we mean any information about you that you or third parties provide to us. This policy relates to the privacy of your information at barclayscodeplayground.co.uk. 


We are committed to protecting your personal data. We’ll use your information for a number of different purposes, for example to provide our services to you and others and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. If you’re an existing customer, for more detailed information on how and why we use your information, including the rights in relation to your personal data, and our legal grounds for using it, please go to barclays.co.uk/important-information/control-your-data or you can request a copy of your privacy notice.

Online services

  1. Information we collect

    If you register to use our secure services, such as online banking, we’ll ask you to provide some information about yourself for security, identification and verification purposes.
    Where you provide information about others (for example, for joint accounts or if you are ‘recommending a friend’) you must ensure that you have their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide this information to us.

  2. Use of cookies

    For information about cookies and how they’re used on this website, visit our cookies page.

You’re not required to provide any personal information on the public areas of this website. However, you may choose to do so by completing the forms on various pages of the site. We’ll only use the information you provide to us on these pages in order to process the relevant form. Please see the privacy wording on the relevant form for a more detailed explanation of how your information will be used.

If you’re a Barclays customer or already have a relationship with us, you will have been advised by various methods about how we collect and use your information.

If you have any questions about privacy at Barclays, please contact The Data Protection Officer, Barclays Bank UK PLC, Leicester, LE87 2BB or DPO@Barclays.com.

Last updated 25 May 2018