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 Key Stage: Key Stage 2  Coding Language: Scratch  Resource type: Lesson plan + teacher guide

Resource overview

Algorithms are a series of instructions, laid out in the right order, designed to complete a task or solve a problem. Use this simple lesson plan and accompanying guide to introduce the basics of algorithms. Ideal for pupils and teachers who are just starting out with computing and a great first step to understanding how computers work. 

  • Key resource information

  • Teaching assessment opportunities

    • Have the children try each other's games and give feedback. 
    • What went  well and what could we do to improve?
  • Lesson length

    • 45 minutes


  • Pupil objectives

    • I can explain what an algorithm is and how they relate to real life and computer programmes. 
    • I can create an algorithm in Scratch

Extension activities

Activity book

Functional functions

Can you help the cat to catch the mouse? We look at ways to make your coding more efficient by creating functions using custom blocks. These blocks help you to not repeat yourself when coding. This will make your projects easier to fix, or debug, if they go wrong. Click to watch the video, and for this project you will also need to access

Activity video

Making it move

Making your sprites move is a key part of most games and animations made using Scratch. Use this simple video to find out about different ways to control how your sprites move.

Building your curriculum

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