Introduction to Scratch - Barclays Code Playground

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 Coding Language: Scratch  Resource type: Lesson plan

Resource overview

The purpose of this activity is to introduce Scratch for the first time to your class and to introduce some key computing vocabulary.

  • Key resource information


  • Teaching assessment opportunities

    • Have the children try out each other’s projects and give each other feedback.
    • Is there anything they would do differently, anything they could add or improve?
  • Lesson length

    • 45 minutes


  • Pupil objectives

    • "I can set up a new scratch project and use the correct vocabulary to describe my project. I can explore the Scratch tools to animate my sprite”

Extension activities

Activity book

Building future skills

This was our very first Code Playground Live activity and we need you to help our character get in to the castle. Code along to create a simple game and start learning some of the basics of coding.

Activity video

Getting started

This video will show you basics of starting to code in Scratch. Get an introduction to the blocks and how they fit together to make things happen in your projects.

Building your curriculum

Any questions?

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