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 Key Stage: Key Stage 2  Coding Language: Micro:bit  Resource type: Lesson plan + teacher guide

Resource overview

Conditional statements are all around us in everyday life and in computing. Use everyday examples to bring conditionals to life and get the class moving with an offline activity before creating a Rock, Paper, Scissors game using the micro:bit.

  • Key resource information


  • Teaching assessment opportunities

    • Have the children play the game against each other, or play themselves against the micro:bit
  • Lesson length

    • 45 minutes


  • Pupil objectives

    • "Using my knowledge of variables and conditionals, I can create a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with my micro:bit”
    • “I understand the operation of a process and its outcome. I can structure related items of information.”
    • “I can demonstrate a range of basic problem solving skills by building simple programs to carry out a given task, using an appropriate language.” 

Extension activities

Activity book

Micro:bit tools

This was our first workbook for the BBC micro:bit and has a selection of simple projects to help you get started. 

Activity video


Conditional statements trigger parts of your code when something happens, so 'if' this happens, then run this code. Watch this video to see how to use conditional statements.

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