Code Playground workbook vol. 1

Code Playground workbook

Resource overview

This was our first ever workbook and has a selection of simple Scratch projects for you to code and customise. Use this by yourself or with a group/class. 

Related resources

Shark game

This workbook will take you through making our first ever Code Playground project. The Shark game is a simple project which is ideal to help learn the basics of Scratch and how to use it. 

Code Playground workbook vol. 2

Our follow on booklet, which is packed with more projects for you to complete. Complete all of the sessions to level up your coding, you'll then be ready to start creating your own projects and games.

Halloween heist

Here's our special halloween spook-tacular. In this project you'll need to code along to help the witch to her find the bat. This project is a great introduction to how we use conditional statements in Scratch to make thing happen at the right time. 

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