EduBlocks Christmas countdown timer

Code Playground workbook   Level 3 activity

Project overview

Opening the doors on your advent calendar helps count down the days until Christmas, but in this HTML project we’re getting super accurate. We’ll be showing you how much time is left down to the very last second. Just as accurate as the countdown at a certain North Pole workshop! Code along to create a webpage with a built-in festive countdown timer. For this project you’ll need to access, then select ‘Editor’ and choose ‘HTML’ as your coding language.

More activities

Snowball scramble

Dodge the snowballs and get a chance to throw one back. In this session we explore how using clones in Scratch can make your projects more powerful. Use the starter guide to code along with the video. Or, if you would like more of a challenge, try the full project to create the full game. Click to watch the video, and for this project you will also need to access

Draw a snowflake

When you think of the cold and snowy winter, you probably don’t think of turtles, right? Well that’s about to change! For our winter Python coding project, we’ll show you how to move a very festive turtle around the screen, using ‘loops’ and ‘definitions’ to draw a snowflake design. For this project you’ll need to access, then select ‘Editor’ and choose ‘Python 3’ as your coding language. 

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