VEXcode VR series - Barclays Code Playground

Code Playground workbook series   Level 1-2 activity

Introduction to VEXcode VR

Project overview

Welcome to our special VEXcode VR series. The following four sessions will build your coding skills ready for our final project in session five. You can revisit each session as and when you feel you need a reminder on how certain things work. For each of these workbooks you will need access to the VEXcode VR website.

VEXcode VR series part one: Introduction

Welcome to our special VEXcode VR series, let's get coding!

VEXcode VR series part two: Sequencing

We're using sequencing to get our robot to complete challenges.

VEXcode VR series part three: Drawing shapes

Shapes are a good way of understanding how we programme our robot to carry out instructions.

VEXcode VR series part four: Iteration and selection

Iterations are all about efficiency, they're a way of looping a sequence to repeat an instruction.

VEXcode VR series challenge: Coral reef cleanup

Now it's time to bring all your coding skills together to help clean up the coral reef.

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