VEXcode VR series challenge: Coral reef cleanup

Code Playground workbook   Level 2 activity

Project overview

Using all the skills you've learnt in the previous sessions, we'll be combining sequencing, selection and iterations to help our robot clean up the coral reef. For this project you will also need to access

Coral reef cleanup challenge video

VEXcode VR series part four: Iteration and selection

Iterations are all about efficiency, they're a way of looping a sequence to repeat an instruction.

Whale escape

Ready to make a splash? This project, in partnership with ORCA, needs you to use ‘selection’ and ‘conditions’ to help our whales catch fish and avoid some man-made hazards. For this project you will also need to access

Shark game

This workbook will take you through making our first ever Code Playground project. The Shark game is a simple project which is a great way to learn some of the basics of Scratch and how to use it. For this project you will also need to access

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