Whale escape - Barclays Code Playground

Code Playground Live workbook   Level 1 activity

Project overview

We’re using code to raise awareness for our ocean’s whales, dolphins and porpoises, of which UK and European waters are home to a third of the world’s species. In partnership with ORCA, we’re coding with conservation in mind. We need you to use ‘selection’ and ‘conditions’ to help whales catch fish and avoid some man-made hazards. Once you’ve helped our whale safely navigate his way to meal time, take a look at the ORCA site to see how you can get involved and support these amazing creatures in the wild. Click to watch the video, and for this project you will also need to access scratch.mit.edu

More activities

Prince and Princess

In this workbook, we’re bringing magic and coding together. Using sequencing, we’ll learn how timing is everything, especially for this Princess and one very lucky frog


Conditional statements trigger parts of your code when something happens. Watch this video to see how to use conditional statements.

Batter up

Let's knock this out of the park! Tap the space bar at the right time to hit the baseball. In this challenge we need you to first code our game to make this home-run score possible.

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