Primary curriculum

Using our range of resources including lesson plans, interactive videos, teacher guides and workbooks, we’ve created a coding learning journey in line with the curriculum to help you bring coding to life with your pupils. At the start of each term, we’ll release new sessions for you to choose from or work through with your class. Don’t worry if you miss any because you’ll find any previous sessions at the bottom of this page. 

Throughout the school year we’ll be hosting monthly online coding sessions for you to book your class onto; you’ll find the dates for these sessions in the additional resources section below. We’d love to see you on the sessions but if you can’t make it, we’ve got some pre-recorded videos you can use in class to code along to instead.   

What you'll need:

To get the most out of the coding sessions we’ve provided, you’ll need to be able to access these online resources. Here’s the links to the sites for you to test before you run the sessions.

Recommended sessions for this term

This term focuses on introducing your class to the scratch platform we’ll be using to code throughout the school year. They may be familiar with Scratch already but might not have used it for some time, so it 's a good opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills. We'll also introduce the micro:bit platform which uses it's own version of Scratch.


Additional resources

We’re passionate about making coding fun, accessible, and educational. Here’s your chance to follow along with us online by booking your class onto one of our live sessions and instructions on how you could set up your own Barclays Code Playground club at your school.

Session 1

Monsters multiplication

Create your own times tables tester. In this workbook you'll make a project to help improve your multiplication skills as well as your coding. For this project you will also need to access

Session 2

Shark game

This workbook will take you through making our first ever Code Playground project. The Shark game is a simple project which is a great way to learn some of the basics of Scratch and how to use it. For this project you will also need to access

Session 3

Introduction to Micro:bit

The BBC Micro:bit is an external device designed to introduce children to the basics of coding through physical computing. It's a great way to help your class understand the relationship between code and the devices it controls. Use this lesson to introduce the micro:bit and help your class get started with physical computing.

Session 4

Any old tune

Broadcast messages are used to let one part of the code or project communicate with another part. This means you can coordinate actions across multiple sprites using broadcasts. Watch this video to learn the basics of broadcast messaging.

Session 5

Deck the halls

'Tis the season to be jolly! It’s that time of year again, so let’s introduce some festive music into your Micro:bit coding! Code along to create the melody of the classic Christmas carol, ‘Deck the halls’. To help guide you through, click to view the simple to follow workbook. For this project you’ll need to access, then select ‘New Project’.

Session 6

Snowball scramble

Dodge the snowballs and get a chance to throw one back. In this session we explore how using clones in Scratch can make your projects more powerful. Use the starter guide to code along with the video. Or, if you would like more of a challenge, try the full project to create the full game. Click to watch the video, and for this project you will also need to access

Online sessions

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In these code along sessions your pupils will create a simple and easy to follow project, with the help of our Digital Eagles.

WC 13/11/2023 Shark game - Scratch
WC 04/12/2023 Deck the halls – micro:bit

Code Playground club

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Whether you’re an experienced programmer or a brand new coder, teachers of any skill level can set up and run a Barclays Code Playground club.

We’ve got a wide range of free resources to help you get started.


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