Primary curriculum last term

Here's the range of resources we provided last term to help support you bring coding to life with your pupils, in line with the coding curriculum.

These resources can be used to replay any lessons you might want to revisit with your pupils or if you missed any coding lessons last term.   

What you'll need:

To get the most out of the coding sessions we’ve provided, you’ll need to be able to access these online resources. Here’s the links to the sites for you to test before you run the sessions.

Recommended sessions for this term

This term focuses on introducing your class to the scratch platform we’ll be using to code throughout the school year. They may be familiar with Scratch already but might not have used it for some time, so it 's a good opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills. We'll also introduce the VEXcode VR platform which uses it's own version of Scratch.


Additional resources

We’re passionate about making coding fun, accessible, and educational. Here’s your chance to follow along with us online by booking your class onto one of our live sessions and instructions on how you could set up your own Barclays Code Playground club at your school.

Session 1

Introduction to Scratch

The purpose of this activity is to introduce Scratch for the first time to your class and to introduce some key computing vocabulary.

Session 2

Scratch bite-size learning

These three videos will build on your Scratch knowledge to give you a tour of the coding editor, introduce the built in tutorials and show you how to get started. 

Session 3

Making melodies

Music was our first love, it can be yours too. Introduce music into your Scratch coding with this fun session. Code along to create a simple melody and as well as learning how to create your own tunes.

Session 4

Dragon knight challenge

Help the knight to defeat the dragon in this coding challenge. Test your coding skills to see if you can solve the problem and add some extra features to the project.

Session 5

Introduction to VEXcode VR

Welcome to our special VEXcode VR series, let's get coding!

Session 6

Drawing shapes

Shapes are a good way of understanding how we programme our robot to carry out instructions.

Online sessions

Book your online sessions

In these code along sessions your pupils will create a simple and easy to follow project, with the help of our Digital Eagles.

WC 18/09/2023 Making Melodies – Scratch
WC 09/10/2023 Drawing Shapes – VEXcode VR

Code Playground club

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Whether you’re an experienced programmer or a brand new coder, teachers of any skill level can set up and run a Barclays Code Playground club.

We’ve got a wide range of free resources to help you get started.


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