Secondary curriculum

Using our range of resources including lesson plans, interactive videos, teacher guides and workbooks, we’ve selected a number of resources for you to use with your class, in line with the curriculum, to help you bring coding to life with your pupils. At the start of each term, we’ll release new sessions for you to choose from or work through with your class. Don’t worry if you miss any because you’ll find any previous sessions at the bottom of this page.


What you'll need:

To get the most out of the coding sessions we’ve provided, you’ll need to be able to access these online resources. Here’s the links to the sites for you to test before you run the sessions.

Suggested resources

This term focuses on introducing your class to the EduBlocks platform we’ll be using to code throughout the school year. We'll also be coding with Scratch which your class may be familiar with already, these resources have been designed to further challenge and develop their coding skills. 

Session 1

Introduction to EduBlocks

Get to grips with the basics of Python. Our first project looks at loops and functions to create a colourful spiral. 

Session 2

Higher or lower challenge

We need your help to complete our game. Use your coding skills to teach the game how to understand our 'higher' or 'lower' commands so the game can end.

Session 3

Drawing shapes with EduBlocks

Time to get creative. Using logic, definitions and block coding in Python, we’re helping our turtles create colourful shapes.

Session 4

Pick a pair challenge

In this challenge we have a card game, and you'll be picking a card and trying to find it's pair in the deck.

Any questions?

Code Playground is all about offering the support you need. If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.