Online sessions - September


Our online sessions for schools are designed with teachers in mind. We’re providing fun and interactive Key Stage 2 curriculum resources to help introduce coding into the classroom.

We’re running monthly sessions that are linked to programming elements of the computing curriculum. These sessions offer a great way to learn new skills, as well as embed what they’ve already  learnt so far at school.

To browse our session topics, dates and timings, click the links below and get your class signed up. To save you time and multiple clicks, only one registration is required per class. 

Code Playground online - Sequencing level 1

In this Code Playground session, we’re giving you the chance to bring magic and coding together. Using simple sequencing techniques, we’ll learn the importance of when and where to give the right instructions to bring the story to life. Putting the instructions in the right order will help us get a ‘happily ever after’ result. After all, timing is everything, especially for this princess and one very lucky frog.

Any questions?

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