Join our Code Playground sessions

We’re passionate about making coding for kids fun, accessible, and educational. Here’s your students’ chance to follow along with us online and break into the ever-growing world of coding.

We’ll be hosting Code Playground sessions for each month of the school year. The theme of the session will be repeated throughout the chosen week to help fit into your timetable. In these code along sessions your pupils will create a simple and easy to follow project, with the help of our Digital Eagles, using a number of free online coding resources, such as Scratch, micro:bit, VEXcodeVR, and our most recent addition – EduBlocks.

Each session will last approximately one hour, giving us time to cover elements of the programming topics in the Key Stage 2 (8-11 year olds, years 4, 5 and 6) computing curriculum, and answer any coding questions or troubleshooting that may pop up.

From September 19 (the start of National Coding Week), we’re expanding our coding session delivery to include secondary schools, specifically Key Stage 3 (11-13 year olds, years 7 and 8), using our latest EduBlocks content.

These sessions aren’t just designed for the classroom, budding coders learning from home can join in too. With easy instructions on-screen for them to follow, there’s no requirement for a teacher, parent or carer to supervise.

Ready to get coding? Click the below button to book your class, or child, on to our free online sessions.

Online classroom sessions

Book your class onto one of our coding curriculum projects. Each month, in term time, we’ll offer a number of free coding sessions, led by our team of Digital Eagles. There’s always a variety of session times available to suit you and your class’ schedule.

Code Playground club

Book a space on our afterschool coding club. Our Digital Eagles run a free afterschool live session, twice a week in term time, to learn extra coding skills that can work towards one of our main projects. Click below to find out more and to register you Barclays Code Playground club.

To be stay up to date with all of our upcoming sessions, along with other free digital education topics, follow the Barclays Digital Eagles Eventbrite page. Click the link below and click the follow button.


We hope you’ll be able to join us for one or more of our code along projects. Any questions or queries on how to get set up and ready to join our sessions, please check out our FAQ page.

We look forward to seeing you for the Code Playground online series. 

Happy coding!