A-maze-ing lesson plan for Scratch - Barclays Code Playground

 Key Stage: Key Stage 2  Coding Language: Scratch  Resource type: Lesson plan

Resource overview

The lesson will introduce basic computational thinking and programming concepts by asking the class to create a maze game. Your pupils will start with an offline activity, and then go on to code their mazes in Scratch.

  • Key resource information

    • You will need: Something to use a blindfold, pencil and paper, laptops or desktop computers, access to https://scratch.mit.edu 
    • This lesson includes a physical activity.
  • Teaching assessment opportunities

    • Have the children try each other’s games and give feedback. 
    • What went well and what could we do to improve?
  • Lesson length

    • 45 minutes


  • Pupil objectives

    • “I understand the instructions of a visual programming language and can predict the outcome of a program written using the language.”
    • “I can demonstrate a range of basic problem solving skills by building simple programs to carry out a given task, using an appropriate language.”

Extension activities

Activity book

Shark game

This workbook will take you through making our first ever Code Playground project. The Shark game is a simple project which is a great way to learn some of the basics of Scratch and how to use it. For this project you will also need to access scratch.mit.edu

Activity video

Buzz the buzzer challenge

Keep your character away from the walls of the maze to avoid the buzzer. We need your help to finish the project and create a high score table using your coding skills. Once completed, challenge your friends and family to see who is the best!

Building your curriculum

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